In this project, I observed three users interact with the Coffee Vendor located on the first floor of the Rockefeller Library to gain insights about their general behavior patterns. I also conducted interviews with the users to obtain context and thought processes of individual users. Finally, I created two personas by creating a four-quadrant empathy map to reflect the overarching trends I observed among the users, and storyboarded one persona's entire user journey with the vending machine.

I. Interface

The main interface of the Coffee Vendor is a large touch screen with an ordering software. On the right to the touch screen are slots for card swipe and cash insertion, and an NFC sensor for contactless payment. Other physical components include the cup holder and spout on the bottom of the machine. The ordering software has five main pages: (a) Welcome page, (b) Menu page where users can toggle between pages to select a drink, (c) Customization & Confirm page where users customize their drink and pay to confirm order, (d) Prearation page, during which a cup is popped out and held by the cup holder, (e) Ready page with a video demonstrating how to remove the cup from the holder.

II. User Studies



III. Personas

Persona 1. Joy

Joy has lots of friends and is very nice to them. She always likes to buy another cup for her friends when she orders her coffee with Starbucks Pickup. Today she's rushing to meet one of them so she decides to buy two cups of coffee at the Coffee Vendor. Joy represents the user group who have previous experience of ordering coffee through a digital platform but have not used coffee vendors before.

Persona 2. Frank

Frank is a coffee lover who makes himself coffee with his coffee machine daily. Today he feels a bit too lazy for that and decides to go to the Coffee Vendor instead. He hasn't used this type of device before but he thinks it won't be that much different from the coffee machine he uses everyday. Frank represents the user group who regularly make coffee themselves and are more used to interacting with a regular coffee machine.

IV. Storyboarding